The recognizable stroke and individuality building is next to the Varna Municipality and Varna Archaeological Museum.

The name of the building is inspired by its location in Varna - the country's maritime capital and the architectural project's essence. As a symbol of modernity and construction innovation, as a dream come true and an aspiration to merge symmetry, perfection and standard.


Slivnitsa 50 introduces a contemporary building concept achieved through dynamism in geometry, bright spaces, the selection of natural, high-quality materials, architectural elements and bringing nature into the environment.


The interior of Slivnitsa 50's common areas is a kind of overflow of the facade, conveying spaciousness, tonality, and raster through the concept of naturalness, lightness, and connection with nature - from the outside to the inside.


Slivnitsa 50 is a premium construction project realized with a specific selection of high-quality materials, proven industry practices and innovations, responsible environmental protection, and compliance with high standards.

Reinforced Concrete Construction

Ventilated Suspended Facade with Fiber Cement Panels

Anodized Aluminium Joinery

Sandy Tone and Natural Aesthetics

Slivnitsa 50 на бул. Сливница 50 във Варна

С началото на емблематичния февруари във високосната година започва проект Slivnitsa 50! Премиум сграда с жилищни и търговски площи, която представя съвременна лежерна строителна концепция, постигната чрез динамика в геометрия, светли пространства, селекция на естествени висококачествени материали, архитектурни елементи и въвличане на природата в средата чрез принципите на биофилния дизайн!